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I have just started my adventure in broken glass art.  I start with beautiful glass in many shades and textures...then I break it!  I use the pieces to create scenes that have been inspired by people and nature around me.  I glue the pieces in their new form, then hand them over to my wonderful partner and husband, DJ.  He uses an epoxy resin to coat them and keep all the pieces bound together in a glass like substance, but not before he hides a small cross or two or three and other little surprises in them.


Artist Bio

My name is Michele Lindner.  I grew up in Brandon, South Dakota and lived there my whole life until November 2018 when I was lucky enough to move to a little hobby farm near Meckling, SD.  

The idea for this medium of art came about because of a remodel we were doing.  We are in the process of turning a small bedroom into part of our master suite.  There is a large window in the area that is to become my master bath.  I didn't want to give up the beautiful sunshine, but also didn't want to give the neighbors a full view of my bathroom :)  My husband recommended something along the lines of stained glass or frosted glass with texture to distort the image seen through the window.  What a brilliant idea...and this is what we landed on...color, texture, and beauty all together in one place.

This is my very first piece.  We didn't quite have the resin process figured out and the resin initially was a dark amber color...We have now mastered a crystal clear resin process.



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I can create custom work for you!  I can use glass that has meaning to you and windows or frames or mirrors that have special meaning.  I can also incorporate sea shells, sand, photos, or  souvenirs from your vacation!

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